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Parent Involvement

Parent Involvement and Leadership Taft Community School Site Council- The Taft Community School Council provides a partnership among the school board, administrators, school staff, students, parents and community members. It's purpose is to determine, implement, and oversee the necessary tasks to become a successful Community School and it has the responsibility of planning, implementing, establishing a budget, and evaluating the School Improvement Plan. Members of the School Site Council are elected every year and it is one way of directly involving parents, teachers, students, and community members in conversations about their school. This forum welcomes all parents to participate. Meeting dates are announced in the monthly calendar.


Parent Leaders We encourage all families to participate in at least 10 hours of service to the school. Classroom teachers and other school staff welcome parents, guardians and grandparents to volunteer their time and expertise in the following areas:

  • Being a chaperone on a field trip

  • Reading to students and listening to students read

  • Helping with special events: Community Fair, Pancake with Santa, Movie Nights

  • Preparing activity packets

  • Assisting children using the computer

  • Serving on school committees or attending their meetings


Volunteer Guidelines

  • Please sign up in the volunteer binder in the office, each day that you work

  • All children must be supervised at all times, and are not allowed in the staff room across from the office

  • Please do not use the copy, laminator and poster machines before school, at recess, or after school

  • If the teacher needs to use the machines please let them go first

  • Volunteers are under the responsibility of the classroom teacher, please communicate with them

  • No public storage of supplies for the volunteers; supplies in 306 are available for all classroom and volunteer use

  • All problems must go through the Administration


Taft PTO The goals of Taft PTO include:

  • Fundraising to support programs that will support learning and academic success 
  • Promotion of a strong sense of community spirit among the school families.

All parents are welcome and encouraged to attend.


English Language Advisory Committee (ELAC) The purpose of ELAC is threefold. First, through ELAC meetings parents are informed of the school’s program to bring their children to fluency in English. Second, the parents are asked to advise the school of any way that it may support theseEnglish learners. Finally, throughELAC, parents are oriented to the school system and are given additional information so they may support their children at home. New officers are elected every year and parents suggest topics for future meetings.ELAC meets every month, check school calendar for dates.


Community Fair The Community Fair is a school wide event that takes place in October.Children are encouraged to participate in a performance with their classrooms. The event provides an opportunity for our school community to get to know surrounding community members as well as the resources in their community in a family oriented atmosphere. Volunteers are also needed to ensure the continued success of this event, if you are interested in volunteering, please contact our school’s office or your child’s teacher.


Reading Sing-a-long Winter and Spring concert for all grade levels. Students learn a song by grade level and perform in the month of December and May.