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Dress Guidelines

Taft Dress Code Guidelines

Taft Community School has a uniform dress code. The School Site Council and the staff have approved the dress code for the following reasons:

Academic: We believe the dress code policy supports the learning environment and student academic achievement by decreasing distractions that other attire may create. It creates part of the structure and expectations for students.

Safety: We believe the dress code creates a safer environment for students by making it easier to identify those who belong at Taft.

Social: We believe the dress code breaks down the status marker of clothing that can affect self-esteem by comparing what some families can afford and some cannot. This “evens the playing field” from the start and creates equity,

Community: We believe the dress code creates a stronger sense of community within the school, thus increasing student pride and sense of belonging.

Taft students are to wear clothing as outlined below:

  • All shirts are white or navy blue collared with no design or logo.
  • All pants, shorts, leggings, skirts, and jumpers are navy blue (no jeans.)
  • Dresses, skirts and shorts must be no more than 2” above the knee.
  • Clothing is clean, neat and in good repair.
  • Shoulders are covered.
  • Clothing is not baggy or oversized.
  • Shoes must have rubber soles, no heels, and be close-toed (no sandals, wheels or blinking lights.)
  • Sweaters &/or sweatshirts are navy blue with no designs or logo.
  • Clothing does not have any red on it.

Exceptions: Official Taft School T-shirt or Walk-a-Thon shirts may be worn any time.

Free Dress Day is the last Friday of each month

If you need help with any of the uniform requirements, please call the Family Center: 650-482-2847.